SEPnet Collaborative PhDs

Research Projects for Ambitious SMEs

at an affordable budget

Numerical Modelling


Access quality PhD students for research you define in

£8K per year*

Work with industry focussed academics


* excluding VAT. Typically a PhD would cost you £30K per year excluding VAT

  • Help define, and benefit directly from, research that underpins a technology problem you have
  • Collaborate to tackle research that is pre-competitive
  • Directly access  PhD research and students  at an affordable price


  • Collaborative research projects consisting of a small group of SMEs, quality academics and a dedicated PhD student will be formed
  • Each PhD project will be defined and guided by the SME group and academics
  • Collaborating with 3 other SMEs reduces costs to around £8K pa for a 3-year programme
  • PhDs to start in October 2016
  • Project definition and consortia will be formed in Q4 2015 and Q1 2016

Professor Steve Burnage

How it works

“As a sponsor we were able to influence the direction of research, understand the analytical and experimental capabilities of the University and assist the Research Engineer in aligning their efforts to both a practical and very demanding application. It has, without doubt, given our company a competitive edge.”

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Chief Design Engineer, Lockheed Martin

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